Population modelling and forecasting for Smart Cities in Wallonia


The SmartPop project has the objective of developing tools for Land Cover (LC) and Land Use (LU) mapping (LC) and Land Use (LU), in compliance with INSPIRE, as well as reliable and accurate population distribution maps and to analyze and predict development of urban territories and population distribution. These new tools should enable local and regional authorities to authorities to cope with population growth and urbanization. SmartPop aims to provide these authorities with accurate, modern and dynamic geographic information and dynamic geographic information that will allow an and sustainable planning of the urban territory.

- A semi-automated mapping methodology of the LC and LU, applicable to the region. This method integrates aerial and/or satellite submetric images, 3D models and ancillary data. LC information is translated into LU using spatial indicators to create a single database.
- Dasymmetric mapping that disaggregates statistical population data to a fine scale of ± 100 m.
- A mobile phone-based dynamic population mapping model.
- A simulation model of changes in LU and population and population changes until 2060, operational at the Belgian level.
- Tools for risk modelling, such as the production via the UrbClim climate model of maps of urban heat islands and of the number of days of annual heat waves.

2015 - 2017

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Research funded by the Public Service of Wallonia (PSW).


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